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How it works?

Guarantees Of Origin

The only reliable tracking system in Europe

How it works?

Renewable Energy

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What is Green power?

Guarantees of Origin

How it works?

A Guarantee of Origin can be transferred and traded, separately of the energy to which it relates, from one holder to another.


Green Markets

There are green power markets, characterised by a voluntary demand coming from market operators, which are buying mainly for disclosure purposes.


Green Labels

Quality labels that meet certain criteria, and there to provide final consumers with more information about their electricity consumption.


Renewable Energy

  • Hydro power
    Hydro power is a mature and cost-competitive energy source that is renewed annually by rainfall and melted snow, creating streams and rivers that eventually run...
  • Wind power
    Back at school we learn that the movement of air from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure results as wind....

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The future start today. Your vision today will be our future tomorrow. Don't lose time and rise your awareness about renewables and how the green power works.

Search more, read more, learn more. It is all about sustainable way of living, but there is no one explaining you how to achieve it. Start with green power and move forward.

The change is already happening. Individuals and private companies are buying green power for years. Now is your time to join. Take action today!


My reason to buy green power

I am not buying green power separately at the moment, although I would love to. I am getting part of it as green via my local distribution company. Additionally, at home we are trying to implement some energy efficiency measures. If I have the opportunity, I would pay an extra cost, but knowing that my money goes to support more renewable production locally in Switzerland.